创始人 & 首席执行官

亚当Singolda是Taboola的创始人兼首席执行官, 最大的发现平台, serving over 1 trillion monthly recommendations of articles, 博客, 视频, 产品s and apps to over 500 million daily active users.

Taboola提供个性化内容推荐服务, 与世界顶级出版商合作, 品牌, 营销人员推动受众发展, 订婚, 和货币化. Taboola还赋予编辑权力, 产品, and sales teams with solutions built around real-time page optimization, 强大的原生广告服务, 和更多的.

亚当曾在TEDx的舞台上演讲, 碰撞, Kaltura连接, 商业内幕的点火, ClickZ生活, 广告一周, 360年我营销峰会, Web会议, Landmark Ventures媒体技术峰会, 流媒体, NAB, NewTeeVee, 提升, Meetup, 和麻省理工学院斯隆管理学院. He has also appeared in broadcast TV interviews on Bloomberg West, CNBC, and Fox Business.


董事会主席 & 私人投资者

Zvi has been an investor in public and private technology companies since 1990. In the late 90’s, Zvi co-founded Magma Venture Partners and still is a General Partner of the firm.

In his early career Zvi was a management consultant at Bain & Co. 伦敦和Shaldor有限公司. 在以色列.

Zvi serves on the board of directors of several private and publicly traded companies.

Zvi holds an MBA from INSEAD and a BA in Economics and Business Administration from The Bar Ilan University.

Erez Shachar

管理合伙人Evergreen Venture Partners

Erez joined Evergreen in the beginning of 2004 as a managing partner, 并专注于Evergreen在软件方面的投资, 互联网和新媒体领域.

Erez从NUR Macroprinters Ltd .加盟Evergreen. (acquired by HP), where he served as 首席执行官 and President since 1997. 在他的领导下, NUR increased its revenues sevenfold by significantly penetrating global markets. Company sales increased from $16 million to over $120 million per year in less than four years. From his position as the 首席执行官 of a publicly-traded company on NASDAQ and a world-wide leader in its field, Erez has significant operational and managerial experience as well as first-hand experience with international capital markets.

加入NUR之前, Erez held several senior managerial positions at Scitex Corporation (NASDAQ: SCIX), 他是在哪里开始做软件工程师的. Erez拿着一个B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science (Magna Cum Laude) from Tel-Aviv University and has an MBA from INSEAD. Erez was Evergreen’s representative on the 董事会s of Traiana, 以2.51亿美元卖给毅联汇业和Identify, 被BMC软件公司以1.5亿美元收购. Erez is currently acting as a board member in Taboola, Varonis, Press-sense, e-Glue and Aniboom.

Nechemia(化学)所控制. 佩雷斯

Managing General Partner and Co-创始人 of Pitango Venture Capital

Chemi is a Managing General Partner and Co-创始人 of Pitango Venture Capital, 以色列最大VC集团.

Mr. 佩雷斯还是Al-Bawader的主席, Israel’s first VC fund focused on the Israeli Minorities’ Sectors, 并担任TakwinLabs董事长, 一个专注于这些领域的孵化器.

Mr. 佩雷斯 is 创始人 and Chairman of Amelia, a Middle East PE Fund. 1992年,他创立了Mofet以色列技术基金, 以色列最早的风险投资基金之一, 在特拉维夫证券交易所交易.

Chemi gained extensive experience as an investor and a board member of several publicly traded companies on NASDAQ and NYSE such as Aladdin Knowledge Systems, 奥科, BackWeb, ma, Vocaltec和伏尔泰,举几个例子. He serves on the boards of numerous privately held companies such as Via Transportation, 其中包括Radwin和Idomoo.

在他的风险投资活动之前,他是. 佩雷斯是以色列决策系统公司的高管, 也是以色列航空工业公司的高级顾问. He holds an MBA degree and a BSc degree in Industrial Engineering & 特拉维夫大学的管理.

Chemi是佩雷斯和平中心的主席 & Innovation, and is on the board of directors of SFI (Social Finance Israel). 他也是Impact1st咨询委员会主席, 以色列领先的社会技术影响投资基金.

Mr. 佩雷斯是以色列风险投资协会(a.k.a. IATI – Israel Advanced Technology Industries) and served as its Chairman (2003-2004). He also chaired the Israel America Chamber of Commerce (2008-2011). Mr. 佩雷斯 is a board member in additional non-for-profit organizations.



Rick是Innovation Endeavors公司的创始合伙人. He joined the firm in 2017 when Innovation Endeavors merged with Marker LLC, a New York and Israel-based venture capital firm Rick co-founded in 2011.

之前标记, 里克是新月角的管理合伙人, a Singapore-based venture and private equity firm he co-founded in 2003. After sixteen years of living in Asia, Rick moved back to the US and launched Marker. 在标记, he invested in a number of industry leading high-growth technology companies including Yext, Datorama, Taboola, 和Team8.

Earlier in his career, Rick was an investment banker at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. He earned a BA from Middlebury College, where he concentrated on art and physics. He is currently a member of the of Middlebury College 董事会 of Trustees.



迪尔德丽加入了彭博社.P., a global business and financial information and news leader, in 2009 and served as the Chief Marketing Officer from 2013 to 2021. 在加入彭博社之前,L.P., Deirdre spent thirteen years at International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), 担任多个职务, including Vice President of Worldwide Advertising and Interactive, 全球品牌副总裁. Deirdre serves on the board of directors of: Shutterstock, Inc., a global supplier of commercial imagery, video and music since May 2016; Wix.com有限公司., 一个基于云的开发平台, since November 2017; and Sportradar Group AG, 体育博彩和体育娱乐公司, 2021年4月以来. 迪尔德丽拿的是B.A. 西切斯特大学的英语课程.


Brilliant Friends Investing联合创始人

琳达Clarizio has over 20 years of experience in the media industry growing and scaling businesses
专注于数据和技术. She currently is the Brilliant Friends Investing联合创始人, a
seed investment group of C-suite women funding women-led businesses. Ms. Clarizio最近
担任美国总统.S. Media at Nielsen, Executive Vice President at AppNexus, and Chief
英视执行主任. She previously held a variety of executive positions with AOL, including
总统的广告.com. Ms. Clarizio also serves on the boards of directors of CDW, Intertek Group,


ION Crossover Partners的管理合伙人 & ION Acquisition Corp首席执行官

Gilad is a ION Crossover Partners的管理合伙人 Ltd., an Israeli-based crossover fund that he co-founded in 2018. 在加入ION Crossover Partners之前,Mr .. Shany served as General Partner of Magma Venture Partners. 他曾担任Baron Capital的副总裁, where he gained over 10 years of experience investing in innovative growth companies in public and private markets. He led investments with various international companies, including Tesla Inc. Mobileye NV(英特尔以15美元的价格收购).Mellanox Technologies(被英伟达以6美元收购).亿美元),Varonis系统公司. (VRNS)、Fiverr (FVRR)和 (MNDY)等.

在此之前. Shany在以色列空军工作了14年. Mr. Shany持有B.S. degree in Physics, Astronomy, and Philosophy from Tel Aviv University 在以色列. Mr. Shany also holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.